ROSL Field Renovation Project

UpdatedWednesday November 20, 2019 byKaren Soper.

Exciting Field Updates and How You Can Help!

One of the goals for ROSL over the next few years is to renovate the ball fields mostly used.  We started this last winter with the renovation of Memorial Park Field #3.  At this field, we have rebuilt the pitching mound, re-cut the grass lines along the infield and base paths and put a truckload of “baseball dirt” onto the diamond.  “Baseball dirt” is more water absorbent and easier to maintain than the conventional dirt used on a lot of diamonds.  These renovations will result in less rainouts and more consistent, safer baseball play.

Memorial Park Field #3 is the first of many fields to be renovated over the next few years. We are partnering with the city to address our most used fields as quick as our budgets allow.  This will begin with the renovation of Memorial #1 and Memorial #2 this Fall finishing the renovation of all the Memorial fields.  Future fields to be renovated will be Red Run West, Elks and the Starr Jaycee fields.

How can you help?  Everyone involved with ROSL can help with this project.  All profits from our concession stand sales, going forward, will go into field renovation. 

  • Just simply visit our concession stand all summer long at regular season games, as well as some weekend baseball and softball tournaments we are helping with this summer.
  • Our concession stand will also take donations of the products we sell to help our profits grow quickly so we can renovate the fields at a faster pace.

We want our fields to be among the best around.  With your help all ROSL participants will have quality fields for years to come!