Softball Tournament Rules

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The 2017 ROSL Invitational Softball Tournament will be held July 22 at Memorial Park Royal Oak...


·      Unless noted prior to the event, National Federation High School Rules will be used with the following notations.

·      Age Requirement: May 1st, 2018 will be the designated date to determine ages.

·      Protests: The Protest Fee is $100 cash (on rule interpretation only). Protests must be made prior to the next pitch being thrown. The Umpire(s) must be informed first of a protest made during the game. The Tournament Director will make the final decision on all Protests.

·      Game Time(s): Starting time is forfeit time, unless delay is created by tournament officials. Game time starts at completion of the pre-game meeting.

·      Home Team: Determined by coin flip in Round Robin play. The Higher seed is awarded the choice of home team in all playoff or championship games. If two equal seeds meet then we will revert to a coin flip

·      Player Minimum: A team must start with a minimum of 8 players.

·      Championship Games: No time limit

·      Infield Warm-Ups: All teams are encouraged to warm-up as much as possible before game time; however, no practice may be taken on the infield prior to the game.

·      Softballs: Ball are provided by the tournament. WE expect teams to assist in returning foul balls to umpires.

·      Bats: Bats will not be checked prior to the game. If a coach has a question about a bat, he may request umpire to check that particular bat. If the request for a bat check becomes too extreme and a mockery to the game, all bats from both teams will be checked. The time limit will continue to run during the bat check.

·      Time Limit: For Pool Games - No new inning to begin after 80 minutes, drop dead time limit of 90 minutes. If home team is at bat and ahead, score will stand, otherwise revert back to previous completed inning. Pool games can end in a tie. For Seeded (elimination) games no new inning after 80 minutes, games tied at the end of that inning (or after 7 innings) will move to International Tiebreaker (last out starts on second base). Championship games will not have a time limit (Mercy Rule still applies).

o   If a game is tied at the end of time limit, it will remained tied in Round Robin play games.

·      NUMBER OF INNINGS: 7 innings      

Mercy rule for all ages is following:

·      15 runs after 4 innings - 10 runs after 5 innings

  • All ages may bat entire line up. Or may also chose to bat nine with an EH for 10 hitters. A DH is also allowed.

·      With two outs, a courtesy runner for pitcher or catcher is allowed by using last batted out.

·      All teams should be ready to play a minimum of 20 minutes prior to the start of all of their games.                                           

  • The tournament director reserves the right to make changes to the schedule that are in the best interest of the tournament as a whole. Weather may play an issue and time limits may need to be adjusted. We will make every effort to provide all teams with best possible solution if games are adjusted because of weather issues.

Fields and Dimensions

  • 14U/16-18U (High School): 60/43                                                           

·      Playing surface is as it remains at the tournament fields.

·      HS slide rule in effect

·      Malicious contact at any base is forbidden and automatic ejection.

·      ·      The home team will be designated with a flip of a coin prior to the start of the game. Verify the game score at the end of every inning with the other team. If a discrepancy occurs, bring it to the attention of the umpires immediately. Each team needs to provide one volunteer to run scoreboard at Memorial Park.

·      Use of tobacco products is prohibited within game field fences, on all fields and in the dugouts.

·      Each coach must prepare 2 line-ups no later than 10 minutes prior to the game starting and give one to the opposing coach the other to the announcer.

·      For rain-out purposes or Any "Act of God" (example - rain-out, tornado etc.) a game is complete after 4 innings.

·      Maximum 3 hit-batters per pitcher per game. (Umpire does have discretion)

·      Unlimited Stealing & Lead-offs. Players may advance on dropped third strike. 

·      Tournament Director reserves the right to amend any rule, schedule, diamond location, and format, combine age brackets, to accommodate time constraints, weather situations, etc.

·      All participants are competing at their own risk and by participating agree to hold ROSL, all tournament Officials, all facilities, and all umpires harmless from any liability resulting from participation in the tournament.

·      Any player or coach ejected from a game will need to meet with the tourney director for potential further suspensions.

·      We sincerely appreciate your team’s assistance in keeping the parks clean. Please pick up your dugout and spectator areas after your games are done.

·      Standings will be posted at the main facility.

·      Physical confrontation - This tournament has "zero tolerance" for any physical confrontations by players, coaches, fans or anyone else. Upon the first violation, the violating party shall be removed from the facility and the tournament. Any profanity, verbal abuse, physical abuse by any player, coach or parent directed towards umpires, opposing teams, park officials or tournament officials will result in immediate team removal from the tournament as determined by the tournament director or his assistant directors.

·      Copy of birth certificates of all your players must be available along with tourney roster. These items should be on the coaches' possession. 

2017 SBT Entry Form.pdf