Royal Oak Fastpitch Softball Tournament Teams

Updated Sunday October 29, 2017 by Craig Woodham.

The Royal Oak Fire Teams are open to anyone in any city. There are no residency restrictions for the 2017/2018 season.

The 2017/2018 11U (Elementary), 14U (Middle School) & 16U/18U (High School) Tournament Team Tryouts will be in August 2017. Fire teams will continue practice and play games throughout the Fall and Winter up to the High School, CYO, Middle School season breaks in the spring then continue after through late July. Fire will then hold tryouts for the next season in August. 

Fire will only roster the 14 BEST in each division (11U, 14U &16U/18U). These teams are intended for those who are 100% Serious about playing softball at higher competition levels and improving their game. There will be "cuts", there will be players who will not make these teams. If you do not make the Fire team, you will be refunded the $250.00 and will have the opportunity to then register for your age appropriate Recreation Team within ROSL. All Fire team members will have specific Royal Oak Fire Jerseys, and other assorted Fire Gear. 

The Royal Oak Fire Tournament Team's objectives are simple; to make "you" the best player and team mate you can be and to prepare you for success on your high school's softball team.

We will accomplish this with the following sub-goals:

· Focusing on fundamentals
· Learning new skills
· Constant improvement
· Playing hard
· Hustle
· Playing aggressively
· Stressing the concept of team (Parents are part of the team, too!)
· Becoming good friends
· Being positive in every situation
· And of course, HAVING FUN!

ROSL FIRE Weekly Games
Players MUST participate in any and all 11U, 14U, & 16U/18U Fire Team Practices, Games, and/or Tournaments.

Participate in at least four “local” weekend (Saturday/Sunday) tournaments, including the Royal Oak Sandlot Scramble Tournament. The final dates and locations will be communicated as soon as we can confirm dates and reserve our spot in the tournaments.


11U - TBD
14U - Sean Looney & Assistants

18U - Craig Woodham & Assistants



From Players: 
· Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!
· Participation in all practices / tournaments.
· Be on time, pay attention and be prepared
· Treat coaches, teammates, parents opposing players and officials with respect
· Be a good teammate and a good sport
· You are human, you will make mistakes.  We expect that you will work hard to avoid repeating them.

From Parents: 
· Play catch with your daughter(s) - a lot!
· Help your daughter set softball as an appropriate priority
· Find an appropriate time to address questions / concerns
· Display / model good sportsmanship
· Help out when and where you are able

From Coaches: 
· Clear communications
· All players, parents, coaches and officials will be treated with mutual respect and fairness.
· Effort and attitude will be rewarded commensurate with ability and achievement.
· Playing time is earned, so everyone will have an opportunity to play.  However, playing time and/or position are never guaranteed and most likely will not be “equal”.
· No matter the score or the record, if you don’t give up on us, we will never give up on you.
· We are human, we will make mistakes. We will work hard not to repeat them, though.